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Edsall Park Today...
Edsall Park is located just north of the intersection of 495 and 395 between Springfield and Annandale. Edsall Park sits between Braddock Road and Industrial Road to the North and the South and Bracklick and Cherokee Roads to the East and West. Located very close to 395 and the mixing bowl, you can get anywhere very quickly.

There are around 400 homes. The homes range between split level and ranch styles. The neighborhood is constantly changing and has a varried mix of residents.

Edsall Park Yesterday...

Edsall Park was built beginning in late 1956 and officially opened on January 12, 1957 
when the model homes at the south corners of Edsall Road and Montgomery Street were opened for showing.

The homes were all built by the Crestwood Construction Corporation (at the time located at 4415 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA), who were in business from 1946 up until the corporation was dissolved in 1988. The president of the company was Bernard Steinberg, Vice-President was Mrs. Verna Hengen, and the Secretary-Treasurer was Mr. E. Carl Hengen. The various home designs were previously built in other Springfield neighborhood's earlier in the 1950's.

Edsall Park is part of the 8th Congressional District

Edsall Park is served by the following schools:    
    Bren Mar Elementary School
    Holmes Middle School
    Edison High School

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