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New Members, can join directly at the pool by credit/cash/check and then register here or at the bottom of the page.

New member pricing is only available to members who have never joined or been a dependent of a previous member. 

Returning Members, send any updated information to epsc@edsallpark.org  

EFFECTIVE 4/1/2017




Non-Share Member




Share Member




New Member (Credit/Cash/Check)




Includes Work or Pay fee of $100 per family, $75 per couple and $50 per single
(Non-Refundable after May 7th, Does not apply to new members)

All Work or Pay Fees are refundable with only 5 hours of work. Come by or schedule time by contacting epsc@edsallpark.org

What your Payment goes to:

1 Family Membership ($495)
1 month worth of electricity OR 2 weeks worth of water OR 1 licenses (Fire Dept and County Licenses)
2 Family Memberships ($1000)
2 weeks worth of chlorine
10 Family Memberships ($4,950)
Our insurance bill


Share holder members enjoy many benefits over non-share members, e.g., lower annual membership dues, lower facility rental rates for birthday parties and other events held at the pool, and voting rights at general membership meetings. More importantly, share holders members own a part of the pool and become key contributors to ensuring the pool continues to thrive in the future.

Being a share holder means you are investing in your pool, supporting the Board’s efforts to sustain the pool for the long term and demonstrating your commitment to the pool and community. This is very important as we enter our 55th year and make strategic plans to address significant aging infrastructure expenses. We hope you will give this opportunity serious consideration.

Purchase your share today.

Shareholders get access to special events and a vote at the annual meeting.

Shareholder memberships limited to 200 Shares.

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