Edsall Park Community Blog

Monday, July 15

What a hot and wet summer it's been so far. Lots of rain in the area the past few weeks. Can we get a break from the clouds? Might have asked for that too soon. Days reaching up to nearly the 100's the rest of the week. Best way to beat the heat? Yup, you guessed it, the Pool. The new Board members have been working diligently to keep the pool in good shape this season. It's been kind of nice that it's not overly crowded like most community pools. Perhaps it's the way it's tucked away and out of sight.

Did you hear there was an adults event at the pool? Burgers and Beer? Oh my! It looked like everyone who came had a great time! I believe that the pool is also planning to participate in this years National Night Out as well, and may feature a community centered event soon instead of just events for pool members. We all just want to get to know one another right?

Well, the height of the summer season is upon us neighbors! Don't forget to cool off yourself instead of just watering your lawn (though, that's important too!).

Monday, May 27

Memorial Day Festivities!

Memorial Day has arrived! The last day of the Edsall Park Swim Club Free Swim Weekend is now nearly over. It was such a successful weekend for the pool. I know they were so glad to see so many new faces that came out this weekend and plenty that signed up for memberships. The pool was packed today with many families, children, and adults.

Today, one of the board members spent her time painting graphics on the newly re-painted Snack Shack at the pool. The new logo is still being worked on, and we will keep under wraps until it's finished, but if you happen to stop by the pool, you could get yourself a good look at it. It looks great! See, our community of full of people of many talents!

Now that Memorial Day is about over, and the start of summer is soon to begin, what else will the community be up to this summer? Will more friends venture out together to take walks in the warm evenings? Perhaps more community events for us all to get together and get to know one another? I personally look forward to those events.

Sunday, May 26

Edsall Park Swim Club Opening Weekend

Phew! What a day!

So far the Edsall Park Swim Club Free Swim event this weekend has been a success! Today they even had a food truck vendor, Captain Cookie and the Milk Man came by from 1pm - 4pm and had the most delicious snacks!

Did you happen to come by and get one of their ice cream sandwiches? Doesn't it look just delicious, by the way, it was! (See below)

Was a nice day at the pool. Lots of new families and friends just having a good time. At least until one scary dark cloud carrying a bit of lightening chased off most of the visitors.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

Come on by, swim for a bit, talk to the Board members, order pizza, just hang out. What else are you doing?

Tuesday, May 21

Are you excited for the Pool Opening Weekend?

Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching, and with that the Edsall Park Swim Club will be open for business! Memberships are still available and this weekend we are hosting an open house. You are welcome to come by and use the pool and facilities and see what you get for your membership dues. Hours of operation this weekend are Noon to 8:00 PM on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. There will be fun activities going on throughout the weekend such as food trucks and a bounce house. We would love for you to come by and check the Edsall Park Swim Club out! In addition, the pool has a swim team which is part of the Northern Virginia Swim League. Team registration has begun and practices start on Wednesday, May 29.

The swim club is located at 5505 Montgomery Street, Springfield, Virginia!