Lifeguard /Operator


If you are looking for a great summer job, lifeguarding is for you! You are able to be out in the fresh air all day instead of being inside. You have the opportunity of making new friends and meeting other lifeguards. While it is fun, lifeguarding must be taken very seriously, because someone's life might depend on YOU!

Lifeguards/Operators primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of patrons at Edsall Park Swim Club by preventing and responding to emergencies. Lifeguards are responsible for enforcing all pool rules fairly and consistently. Lifeguards are also responsible for reporting any unsafe conditions or faulty equipment to the management team. Operators ensure proper pool water chemicals, record keeping and maintaining a clean and enjoyable aquatics facility.

Edsall Park Swim Club teaches and encourages the lifeguarding / managing skills that will help you outside of the lifeguard / pool manager position, such as:


Pay starting at $10 - 12 per hour.  Commensurate with experience