Head Lifeguard

Head Lifeguard

Under the supervision of the Board President, the Head Lifeguard performs professional duties in ensuring effective performance of lifeguard functions. Assist in the scheduling, appraising, and discipline of lifeguards. Ensures that life-saving certifications are current and that all lifeguards are fully competent in performing water rescue procedures. Ensures the safety of members in and around the pool by enforcing all safety policies. The Head Lifeguard will work mornings, afternoons, nights, weekends, and/or holidays.


Include the following:

  • Performs all lifeguard responsibilities including monitoring pool activities, applying first aid and performing water rescues as necessary.

  • Orients new lifeguards to job duties and responsibilities. Ensures that all lifeguards are current on their training and certifications including CPR and First Aid

  • Assists the Board in developing lifeguard training programs and manuals. Conducts one on one training sessions with lifeguards and periodic all staff meetings and sessions during the season.

  • Assists with the scheduling of lifeguards to ensure adequate coverage of pool areas. Develops clear and accurate availability for lifeguards. Keeps accurate records of deviations from the schedule for properly conducting weekly payroll.

  • Ensures that lifeguards perform in accordance with established safety regulations and policies.

  • Keeps Board well informed of pool maintenance needs including cleaning, chemical adjustments and repairs.

  • Responsible for taking chemical readings while on duty and adjusting as necessary. Keeps accurate logs of chemical readings.

  • Inventories and recognizes when supplies or equipment need to be ordered and communicates these needs to the President of the Board.

  • Assists the Board with fielding concerns, problems or other issues from the membership.

  • Assists management staff with overall management of swim related events including swimming meets.

  • Assists the Board with daily supervision of the pool. Acts as manager on duty.

  • Other duties as assigned


High school senior, graduate or equivalent. Must be at least 18 years of age. Two full seasons of lifeguard experience with prior supervisory experience preferred.

Must have current Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid Certificates.