ReDevelopment proposal for EPSC

For several years, the Edsall Park Swim Club Board of Directors has been investigating ways to increase membership and community engagement, make better use of our outdoor spaces, and secure fiscal stability for the pool. Accordingly, we are seeking shareholder approval to proceed with designing and investing in an enhanced community and recreation space on our property. We envision this space could drive revenue off-season when used for team practices, birthday parties, and other events.

Many other swim clubs in Northern Virginia have additional amenities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and more. We believe this enhanced community and the recreation area will make Edsall Park Swim Club more attractive to new members who wish to take advantage of our competitive pricing, NVSL swim team, and adult swim opportunities; and that this new development will foster a more engaged membership and community. We urge our shareholders to vote in favor.

Current shareholder vote to take place February 27th at 4pm. Shareholders should receive an email with a link to participate in the meeting and a ballot to cast votes.