Recreation Field

Introduction & Background:

The Edsall Park Swim Club is looking for ways to invigorate membership, improve the use of space and complete the numerous cosmetic upgrades needed to sustain and revitalize the pool. Currently, the annual revenue generated from memberships is roughly equal to the annual operating expenses (not including the loan for the pool white coat). Edsall Park is an aging neighborhood where operating a pool by attracting primarily nearby residents is no longer a feasible model. Our vision is to create a fun, sport-swim atmosphere for kids and families within the community.


To attract new members in a meaningful quantity, for the past several years EPSC has been working on the concept and development of a new recreation field. Under this revitalization project the back area of the pool would be converted to a turf recreation field. Having a well maintained asset like a turfed recreation field along with other cosmetic upgrades and amenities will naturally attract new members. The recreation field offers an immediate catalyst, bringing in families interested in athletics, including swim. New members will help to bring in a significant increase in the annual revenue with the added potential for additional revenue from multi-sport summer camps. This would put EPSC in a healthy sustainable position with upward mobility.


We are currently delayed in our plans to lay down a turfed recreation field for back portion of the property. While this would have been a great amenity to have for the summer, not to mention low maintenance, we are currently waiting for a grading inspection to move forward.

Questions about the construction?

Reach out to us at for details!